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Is now a good time to switch your home insurance?

If you are coming to the end of your annual home insurance policy, now could be a good time to switch given premiums have fallen to a record low, you could find a cheaper deal.

It’s easy to research the cheapest premiums: use several price comparison websites to input your personal details and information about what you’re insuring. For contents insurance, you’ll need to know the total value of all the contents you want to insure. You may also be asked about separate high-value items. You’ll need to decide if you want to pay extra for accidental damage cover, and if you want to insure items that you take outside your home.

Having said that, are you sure that the cheapest insurance possible is the right insurance for you?

Recent Association of British Insurers statistics show that property insurance claims are paid in 82% of cases submitted. That means that 18% of claims that are submitted fail. But that’s also 18% of customers submitting a claim for which they clearly believe or hope they are entitled to receive redress, in the end fail to receive it. That’s a high number.

It is hard to understand the nuances of general insurance – these are complicated fields, where confusing terminology abounds, where products can be relatively complex legal contracts and where the penalties for a misstep can be enormous.

Getting advice here is crucial and we can help you finding the right home insurance, so do get in touch.

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