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Over the summer months, our social media feeds are invariably full of envy-inducing snaps of holidaymakers enjoying themselves. But could it invalidate your home insurance?

It might seem ridiculous, but some insurers are now penalising homeowners who post holiday selfies online, considering this to be advertising the fact that their home is unoccupied. Sadly, criminals are increasingly scouring social media pages to find out which properties might currently be standing empty.

Even Premier League footballers aren’t exempt – many top players, including Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney, have had their homes burgled while playing in televised matches. John Terry’s house was burgled after he shared snaps from his holiday.

Check your policy Before you go away

Check your policy for exclusions that may invalidate your cover. Renting out a room in your house, installing a cat flap or renovating your property could all cause a claim to be rejected. Here to help If you are unsure whether your cover is adequate or you're seeking a comprehensive home insurance policy, we can help you assess your options.

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